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B3: Sustainable welding production by combined application of simulation


Welding process selection and application has influence on all dimensions of sustainability. Project B3 applied automated high power processes to enhance both performance as well as sustainability of joining. B3 processes are superior to the conventional methods because they perform a given welding task with less overall heat input, higher speeds and less number of passes.





Several state-of-the-art welding technologies were applied to investigate resource efficiency and environmental impacts. Conventional arc technologies displayed a higher consumption of electricity, material and time than laser arc-hybrid welding and a modified gas metal arc process. Enhanced sustainability was verified by Life Cycle Assessments that reflect the environmental burdens of the investigated processes.

A further Social Life Cycle Assessment proved less health risks of automated processes. Detailed investigations focusing on high power tandem gas metal arc welding mastered the complexity of the parameter space and showed great potentials for both resource efficiency and overall performance. Electrical energy that is used to melt the wire in gas metal arc welding differs among welding source characteristics and process operation modes. This can be enhanced by high power tandem gas metal arc welding and suitable parameter settings. B3 applies its technologies to longitudinal welded pipes and pipe-pipe joints to demonstrate its superiority to the conventional methods in a macroeconomic application case. Results show that substituting the technology for longitudinal welded pipes can lead to a substantial reduction of global CO2 emissions which contributes the goal of climate change mitigation.

Learn more about challenges, approach and results of project B3 in this Powerpoint presentation:


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