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French-German perspective on sustainable product development

The CRC 1026 had the pleasure to invite Prof. Peggy Zwolinski and Dr. Maud Rio from the Grenoble Institute of Technology for two days of scientific discussions about sustainable manufacturing. Both French researchers were welcome by the CRC’s coordinator Prof. Rainer Stark at his Chair of Industrial Information Technology on the 13th and the 14th of October.

Contributing to the Integrated Research Training Group of the CRC, Prof. Zwolinski gave a lecture entitled „Integrated design for sustainable products: from eco-design to new manufacturing and consumption paradigms“. In this inspiring lecture, she advocated that designing environmentally-friendly products is necessary but not enough to reach the „Factor X“: production and consumption patterns shall be challenged at the same time. Prof. Zwolinski stated that promising concepts for this are remanufacturing and product-service systems, two research areas on which former CRC 1026 coordinator Prof. Günther Seliger and his successor Prof. Stark were respectively involved in the context of previous CRCs.




Objectives of the invitation were particularly to compare approaches on sustainable product design adopted by the Grenoble Institute of Technology and the Chair of Industrial Information Technology in Berlin. Current scientific questions in sustainable product design have been addressed in lively discussions and potential for common research have been identified. The visit shall reinforce the relationships between Grenoble and Berlin already existing through Prof. Seliger and Dr Jéremy Bonvoisin, currently active in the CRC and former researcher in the team of Prof. Zwolinski.

About our guest: Peggy Zwolinski is professor of engineering design and eco-design at the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble-INPG). She is head of the product life cycle research group since June 2007. Her scientific interests are eco-design of products: design for remanufacturing, end of life disassembly, environmental evaluation of closed loop end of life strategies (remanufacturing, recycling, reuse) and product service system design. She obtained in 2007 with the manuscript entitled «Integrated design of sustainable products: From eco-design to new production and consumption paradigms» the French university degree (HDR) that validates ability to supervise PhDs. She has been working for many years with companies to establish models for the environmental assessment and has been recently involved in the European project GENESI to establish ecodesign methodologies.

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