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Collaborative Research Centre 1026: Sustainable ManufacturingMeeting: Matern von Marschall

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Meeting: Matern von Maschall

As part of the Collaborative Research Centre 1026 „Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation“

On March 20th, 2015, the Member of the Bundestag Matern Freiherr Marschall von Bieberstein, visited the the collaborative research Centre 1026 „Sustainable manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation“ in the Production Centre of technology (PTZ) in Berlin.

To sat together with Prof. Seliger and Prof. Stark to discuss a possible collaboration. Matern von Marschall get a tour through the experimental field and visits to some selected test stations.At the end they went to the roof of the PTZ to visit an entirely non-technical spectacle: the eclipse.





Matern von Marshall has been a member of the Deutsche Bundestag for the constituency of Freiburg since 2013. He summed up his own political agenda as following:

„All people in our country should be able to develop according to their freewill and abilities. That means to be considerate of others and planet Earth. Soon ten Billion people will inhabit the Earth. Only the careful use of natural resources can sustain a basis of life for all. We cannot achieve this alone. It can only be done with joint European politics and a leading role for Europe in the world.“

Furthermore, Matern von Marschall is a full member of the comitee for the Affairs of the European Union and a full member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Sustainable Development.





Download PDF: Meeting: Herrn Matern von Marschall


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