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Pupils explore sustainable jobs in the CRC 1026 on „Green Day“

Less resource consumption and more wealth at the same time – how can this be accomplished? What kind of adjustments do we have to carry out, whilst using cleaner manufacturing conditions to create a better future for everyone?

As a part of the nationwide „Green Day“ on 12 November 2015, the CRC 1026 „Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation“ held a workshop where 22 pupils were enabled to explore these questions.

After a vivid introduction, theoretical knowledge was put into practice and the tenth graders were allowed to slip into the producers‘ roles: On the basis of a newly developed educational game, they investigated how sustainability of global value creation and manufacturing will increase through the clever use of resources. The major challenge for them was to keep social, environmental and economic „play money“ balanced.


In this context, they were involved in a research project themselves: Firstly, the feedback from this test round will be used to further improve the board game – with the final aim of providing open source material for educational purposes. Secondly, the data collected from two evaluation sheets will help measuring relevant learning successes.

During a guided tour of the factory building, the juveniles experienced most important sustainability aspects and – with the aid of real objects – discovered different materials as well as their properties, such as a do-it-yourself bike made from bamboo.

Alongside experiments with renewable energies and a presentation of the cube factory, the test field tour also included the demonstration of a „recycling“ bin build by students, which has been received with great enthusiasm. While visiting the in-house „FabLab“, the school class had the chance to gain a profound insight into sustainability research: By using 3D printers and innovative software, the team is conducting experiments with material cycles where as little as possible resources are wasted.


About Green Day: The „Green Day“ is an orientation day for environmental professions. Every year on November 12, pupils have the opportunity to get to know „green“ study and job opportunities. More than 200 companies, universities and research institutions opened their doors on Green Day 2015 for participants from 8th up to 13th grade. The campaign day is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety with resources of the National Climate Initiative and is conducted by Zeitbild Stiftung.

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